blue Business Solution - Small/Home Office

Features & Benefits

Business Email Address & Domain Name

Have a professional email addresses using your business name.


Centralized Data Storage Store all files and documents on one computer.
Share files and office documents between all staff.
Backup Sleep soundly knowing your data is safely backed up.
Remote Access Access your work computer from home like you were in the office.
Shared Internet Access Share one high speed broadband account between all staff and computers.
Upgrade to MS Office 2007 Improve efficiency by using the latest office applications.



What You Get


Office PC

Installation and configuration of high quality business PC.

  • LCD monitor
  • MS keyboard & mouse
  • MS Windows Business or Professional OS (depending on your requirements)
  • MS Office - Basic Edition
  • Please contact us for the most up-to-date PC specifications



ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router

Firewall secured modem, router, wireless access point and 4 Port switch.


External Backup Drive

External hard-drive with USB and network connection options. Setup of automated backup schedule.


Domain Name & Website Hosting

Setup and configuration of webhosting, domain name and email account(s).



Website Design and Development

When you sign up for the Small/Home Office IT Business solution, you become eligble for a website design and development quote from our experienced team. Websites are an efficient marketing tool and a great source of information for people looking for a particular service. Take a look at some of our client examples in our Website Portfolio.



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