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Command IT Services knows what products and services will benefit your business. From a wide variety of suppliers we can acquire any I.T. product. But, we only recommend and sell tested and proven products that offer the high level of quality and reliability that we demand for our customers.



IT Survey - Know Your Network


An IT Survey will tell you everything you need to know about your computing systems. It is a detailed analysis that can be used as a tool to report on the status of your network. An I.T. Survey can also be used as a guide for the expansion plans of your computing network and thus your business.


After an IT Survey has been completed you will have detailed documentation covering every computing related device in your office. It will tell you information such as:

  • Where is your computing system letting you down?
  • Is your file server up to scratch?
  • Has your firewall and security been configured correctly?
  • Whether internet security and anti-virus are being kept up to date?


An IT survey performed by Command IT Services provides a snapshot of the health of your network and computing systems.

Order your comprehensive IT Survey today.



Your Own IT Department Without the Cost

Do you need an IT professional because all your IT issues get hand-balled to the guy who seems to know the most about computers? This situation is suprisingly common. Staff are often distracted from the job they are being paid to do because they don't have anyone they can turn to for computing advice and support.


Let your staff do the job they were hired to do and let the IT professionals handle the IT problems.

  • Do you have issues that go unrelsoved for days, weeks or even years?
  • Is you business and its critical data protected against hardware failure, theft or equipment damage?
  • Are you and your staff getting the most out of your computer systems?


At a fraction of the cost of even one full time IT professional Command IT Services can be maintaing and monitoring your computer systems. Command IT Services provides reliable professional, support at an affordable price? If you can't justify the cost of having your own IT department then contact Command IT Services on 9467 2050.



Managed Services

Command IT Services offers managed services for your IT network. Continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance ensures your computer network runs smoothly. With a guaranteed response time to all support requests you know you will get the support you need and when you need it. Customers on a managed services agreement also get all support provided at a discounted rate.

Contact Command IT Services today on 9467 2050 to discuss how a service agreement may benefit your business.



IT Consulting

Command IT Services provides consulting services for businesses on all technology related matters. Whether it be from IT advice to full project management Command IT Services can help.


Command IT consulting services include research, planning, implementation and rollout of new any technology solution.
What purpose built business systems and software are available for your business and industry to make your business run smoother? Command IT can assist you in getting the most out of your IT infrastructure.



Website Design and Development

Find out how to become eligble for a website design and development quote from our experienced team.